Clinical Specialties : Movement Disorders

Movement Disorders

The Center for Parkinson’s Disease and Movement Disorders (the “Center”) is a division of the Department of Neurology within the Leonard M. Miller School of Medicine (MSM) of the University of Miami (UM). The Center was started in 1984 and has been under the direction of Dr. Carlos Singer since 2002. It employs four clinical faculty, one Advance Registered Nurse Practitioner, one Licensed Clinical Social Worker, and a support staff of eight. The Center received the designation as a Center of Excellence from the Parkinson’s Foundation in 2007. From the time of its inception, the Center’s mission has included patient care, research, education and community outreach. The Center’s core philosophy is patient and caregiver centered. In the area of education, the center emphasizes the values of patient and compassion, a holistic approach to medical care and provision to future health professionals of the basic clinical skills to care for patients with Parkinson’s disease. The Center serves as a tertiary referral center for patients suffering from Parkinson’s disease and other movement disorders in the South Florida community. The Center is also the premier referral center for patients from abroad with a singular projection to Latin America and the Caribbean.

Parkinson's Foundation - Center of Excellence