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Focusing on You: Breakthroughs in Precision Medicine

Dr. Ralph Sacco, chair of the department of neurology, discussed how precision medicine is used in the treatment of stroke during the August 11 segment of “Focusing on You: Breakthroughs in Precision Medicine.” Tune in every Tuesday on CBS4 during the noon, 5, and 6 pm newscasts to learn more about precision medicine and other advancements available at UHealth.

Focusing on You: Andres M. Kanner, M.D.

In the March 29th segment of “Focusing on You: Breakthroughs in Precision Medicine,” Andres Kanner, M.D., discusses the latest advances in successful epilepsy treatment including the use of lasers, which are less invasive and offer rapid recover, to target the part of the brain where seizures originate, and a computer chip that is programmed to detect abnormal brain activity that precedes a seizure and responds with brief electrical stimulation that disrupts the activity and normalizes brainwaves often before seizure symptoms begin.

Focusing On You: Dr. Deborah Heros discusses a new glioblastoma clinical trial

Brain cancer expert Deborah O. Heros, M.D., and her colleagues at Sylvester recently launched a clinical trial using a virus injection in combination with an oral antibiotic to fight cancer in patients with glioblastoma.

Focusing On You: Dr. Bernard Baumel discusses treating Alzheimer’s with Stem Cells

UHealth Neurologist Bernard Baumel, M.D., discusses a new approach to Alzheimer’s treatment, which uses stem cells to promote the brain’s production of its own stem cells to repair the damaged areas.