Clinical Specialties : Pediatric Neurology Division

Pediatric Neurology Services and Research


The Child Neurology Service provides the following services:

  • Pediatric Neurology Team: coverage 24-7 of the Jackson Memorial Hospital emergency department and Holtz Children’s Hospital.
  • Video EEG Telemetry Unit: with its specially trained staff of electroencephalography technicians and nurses, the 5 bed unit provides for inpatient monitoring of epilepsy patients.
  • Outpatient Clinics: a community resource for the sub-specialized care of children with developmental delay, behavior disorders, academic deficiencies, headache, tics, seizures, spasticity, and neuromuscular conditions are evaluated and managed.
  • Interdisciplinary Clinics: neurogenetics, spasticity, and neurooncology are a few of the multi-specialty clinics that are available.


Members of the faculty are currently involved in research studies investigating the neuro-developmental outcome of children with sickle cell disease; the neurogenetics of autism; the epidemiology, genetics, and clinical features of multiple sclerosis in children.