Clinical Divisions : Movement Disorders

Movement Disorders Education

University of Miami Movement Disorder Fellowship Program

Program Director: Corneliu Luca, M.D., Ph.D.
Program Manager: Andrea Ruiz, BGS, C-TAGME (305) 243-2742

The University of Miami Movement Disorders Fellowship is a 1 – 2 year fellowship program that aims to provide fellows a broad exposure to various movement disorders in order to become proficient in the management of complex movement disorders. The goal of the program is to train the fellows in medical treatment of common movement disorders, botulinum toxin injections, deep brain stimulation programming and patient selection as well as interdisciplinary management of complex neurological disorders. Our center is a tertiary referral center and has a large variety of common and rare neurological disorders referrals.

The fellow will rotate through the following clinics:
General Movement Disorders Private Clinic with our board certified neurologists with Dr. Carlos Singer, Dr. Henry Moore and Dr. Corneliu Luca.

  • Botulinum toxin clinic – Dr. Carlos Singer, Dr. Henry Moore, Dr. Corneliu Luca
  • Interdisciplinary Clinic – St Catherine Rehabilitation Hospital
  • Huntington Disease clinic – Dr. Carlos Singer
  • Deep Brain Stimulation clinics – Dr. Corneliu Luca
  • Resident’s clinics at Jackson Memorial Ambulatory Care Center

Besides general clinics, academic activities are scheduled on a regular basis:

  • Video sessions- weekly
  • Journal Club – monthly
  • Multidisciplinary DBS Conference- monthly
  • Neurology Grand Rounds -weekly

Fellows will have the opportunity to participate in a variety of clinical trials and will be encouraged to develop their own clinical research project. They will have the opportunity to participate in our faculty investigator initiated studies:

The fellows are supported to travel to one conference per year and present their research. The Division also supports the fellow participation in the Aspen Movement Disorder Course, Botulinum Toxin Symposium and Annual Neurology Update course in Miami.

Application Process

Please send completed application along with your CV, letter of intent, and three letters of recommendation to the Program Director Dr. Corneliu Luca. University of Miami participates in the Movement Disorder Fellowship (MODIF) Match Network conducted by SFMatch. To register visit SFMatch, and click on Movement Disorder Fellowship, then click on Login/Register at the bottom of the left panel; follow the instructions to register as a candidate, and pay the $50 fee. SFMatch registration for applicants opens April 2015 and match deadline for programs is held in September 2015. Please see letter from SF Match to applicants.

MDS-PAS Visiting Trainee Grant Program

Our program also participates in the International Parkinson and Movement Disorder Society-Pan American Section (MDS-PAS) Visiting Trainee Grant which offers a six-week, six-month or one-year program grant which promotes education, training and experience in movement disorders for young neurologists. The program focuses particularly on MDS-PAS members who do not have many opportunities for Visiting Trainee Grant training in their area and also serves to establish clinical and research links between institutions and members throughout the PAS region. For more information, please visit their website at