Clinical Specialties : Movement Disorders

Faculty Clinical Research Focus

The Movement Disorders Division at University of Miami is actively involved in clinical trials in Parkinson’s and Huntington disease.

*Carlos Singer, MD Non-motor aspects of Parkinson’s disease

- Sleep disordered breathing in Parkinson’s disease – PI Carlos Singer

- Fatigue and cardiac sympathetic denervation in PD – PI Carlos Singer

*Corneliu Luca, MD, PhD Gait Disorders, Non-invasive Neuromodulation for Parkinson’s disease, Deep Brain Stimulation

- Transcranial direct current stimulation for gait impairment in PD – PI -Corneliu Luca

- Deep Brain Stimulation effects on gait in Parkinson’s disease – PI Corneliu Luca

- For more details about Dr, Luca’s research visit University of Miami Movement Disorders Research Lab website

*Henry P. Moore, MD – Non motor aspects of PD, Ataxias , FXTAS, Botulinum toxin clinical applications